This is a really interesting article from Freelancers Union. They present a unique perspective on how you can take what you learn from watching kids and apply it to your freelancing career.

Too often, many of us don’t have the patience to learn something new. It’s not that we don’t want to, but more that we expect a lot out of ourselves and when we can’t deliver like we want to, we get discouraged.

However, take a page out of a kid’s book, and remember that learning is a process.

“1) Learning is a process

The nice thing about kids is that they’re generally excited to learn. They’re naturally proud of their accomplishments, and excited to try new things. Given the right encouragement, they often display resilience and patience with themselves – and can look back at their growth with pride.

After we’ve graduated into adulthood, we often feel like our education “should” be over – and that it’s somehow shameful to still be working on weaknesses. The best freelancers, however, continually try to learn and develop. They know that education is a long-term, evolving process rather than a results-oriented sprint, and that you have to be patient with yourself in order to grow.

Learning new things (particularly if they’re challenging or complex) is the best way to keep flexible and build strengths… and it keeps your brain young!”

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