As freelancers, we find ourselves making tough decisions quite often.

Making those decisions will never be easy. They are called “tough decisions” for a reason, after all. Each of us might have a certain process that works well, or we might just go with what feels right.

However you go about making those tough decisions, it’s important that you don’t just ask questions, but that you ask the right questions.

“1) Are you doing what you will be proud of having done when you look back?

Sounds simple, right? But here’s the thing. When you frame a decision in that light you then start to look at not only what the decision is but how it’s being made. In my own life and in the work I’ve done with countless CEOs what has always made an impression on me is that the key to almost every decision ends up being getting people to understand why it’s being made and to accept that there is a rationale and/or a vision behind it. Most of us look to leaders to make decisions. We give them license to do so with the understanding that not every decision will be the right one but every decision will be made with the right intentions.”

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