Freelancers deal with a lot of different clients throughout the years. Sometimes these clients stick around and become regulars, other times they disappear forever once the job is done (and you are paid, of course!)

After a job is complete, what do you do? Do you deposit the check and immediately move on to start a new project or look for more clients? Or do you focus on making that one time client a regular?

Freelancers Union provides us with a few great tips on what you should be doing after every job that will help turn that one-time job into a long-term working relationship.

“Say ‘Thank You’

Mama was right; politeness pays off.

When you’ve finished up your gig, send your client a quick “Thank You” email within a day or two of completion. Make sure you include your contact information – as well as an explicit invitation to work together again. It doesn’t have to be long, fancy, or awkward:

Dear Dr. Jekyll,

I really enjoyed working with you on this potion; it was a pleasure to collaborate with another scientist on such a worthy cause. Please keep me in mind for future experiments in the human psyche – I can be reached any time at, or by phone at 1-800-MISTAKE.

Thanks again!


Boom, the seed is planted! I know that some older guides suggest cards, but email is preferable, in my opinion – if only because its searchable when they’re looking for your contact information in the future.*

*This is also the time to politely ask for testimonials or feedback, if you’re interested.”

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