Brent’s been putting some really great content out lately and I like the 10 tips he shares in this article.

While some of them I’ve heard before, I was delighted to see #8 on the list. It’s something I have to work on all the time: focusing on right now while still dreaming big about the future.

Here’s Brent’s take:

“8. Focus on the now

Watch your feet so you don’t trip while looking at the end goal. You know where you want to be one day, so focus on what you can do now to end up there. Too many freelancers get hung up on envying those they aspire to be.

If you wish to have a reliable client base, a product that can help supplement your income, or if you don’t want to have to rely on a single client to make a living, then what are you doing today to make that happen?

Make a daily to-do list with small tasks that you can easily complete by the end of the day. Progress is progress, and if you start taking it one step at a time towards your long term goals, the sooner you’ll get there.”

Read the rest at Your Freelance Career.