March 2015

How freelancers set themselves up for revisions (and how to avoid it)

I often deal with multiple rounds of revisions when doing freelance work. While I do my best to listen to the clients needs, examine their target audience, and create work accordingly, I end up doing several revisions of a concept… Continue Reading →

A freelancer’s guide to growing your business right now!

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve been freelancing for a while, you’re almost always looking to grow your business. The approach you take might differ based on your experience, but the end goal is always the same: growth. Those… Continue Reading →

5 questions freelancers should ask before tough decisions

As freelancers, we find ourselves making tough decisions quite often. Making those decisions will never be easy. They are called “tough decisions” for a reason, after all. Each of us might have a certain process that works well, or we… Continue Reading →

Why freelancers should go the extra mile

Whether your doing work for a brand new client, or someone you’ve worked with for years, you should never do just the bare minimum. I might even go as far to say that you shouldn’t even do the exact work… Continue Reading →

How freelancers can raise their rates without upsetting clients.

There will be several times during the course of a freelancer’s career where they will need to raise their rates. However, it’s easy to put it off because you don’t want to upset any of your current clients and/or run… Continue Reading →

5 tips for freelancers to succeed on Elance

Elance is a great way to put yourself out there and start getting new clients. There is a lot of competition, but you shouldn’t let that stop you from signing up and landing your next big job. It’s important that… Continue Reading →

How freelancers can stay motivated while working from home

Working from the comfort of your own home can be great! Studies have shown that people who work from home tend to get more done. But how can you stay motivated when there are so many distractions? Whenever I start… Continue Reading →

10 tips freelancers can learn from launching a product

First off, I want to point out that this article is aimed towards launching a product. However, after reading through it, I couldn’t help but see a lot of similarities between launching a product and launching a freelance business, or… Continue Reading →

6 things freelancers can learn from kids

This is a really interesting article from Freelancers Union. They present a unique perspective on how you can take what you learn from watching kids and apply it to your freelancing career. Too often, many of us don’t have the… Continue Reading →

What if freelancers tried really hard?

What if you tried really hard? It’s a question that most of us would answer with “I do try really hard.” But do we really? When we look back at our day, can we see ourselves actually trying hard? Can… Continue Reading →

5 ways freelancers can make more money in less time

As freelancers we are always trying to squeeze out as much time from the day as we can. While working harder will definitely allow you to produce better work, find more clients, and make more money, working smarter can do… Continue Reading →

What freelancers need to know about contracts and consideration

I’m a firm believer in having a contract written up specifically for the client and yourself before you begin any work. However, there are times and situations that can lead to us starting before a contract is made, or working… Continue Reading →

How you should be handling your freelance revisions

In a perfect world, every single client loves every single piece you create on the first try. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world. So what do you do when a clients hates the work you’ve done for them?… Continue Reading →

9 lifehacks for boosting your freelance creativity

We all have those days when our brain just doesn’t want to work. As much as we try to come up with a great idea, we end up with nothing. To break the creativity rut, you might try going for… Continue Reading →

Why you should focus on the future of your freelance business

Too often we focus on the past. We look at the mistakes we made, the clients we missed out on, or the debt that piled up. If you’re always looking behind you, you’ll fail to see what’s in front of… Continue Reading →

3 awesome tips for freelancers to stay grateful

Being grateful for what you have is extremely important, not only for our own well being, but also for our creativity. Do you know anyone that works better when their upset? I don’t. However, after an extremely long week, missing… Continue Reading →

3 Lies that scare freelancers into being average

Too often freelancers give into the lie that they’re just not that good at what they do. Whether it’s the thought that your work isn’t very good or that your clients won’t want to pay you, believing these lies can… Continue Reading →

Are you overcomplicating your freelance pitch?

When first starting your freelance business, you need to clearly explain what you do to potential clients. Many of us work on our elevator pitch with hopes of keeping it under thirty seconds. However, most elevator pitches end up being… Continue Reading →

7 freelance productivity mistakes you could be making

It’s absolutely crucial to make the most of the time you have. After all, time is money. As freelancers, most of us work in an environment where we are by ourselves. This means that some distractions that are typical in… Continue Reading →

3 things you should be doing after every freelance job

Freelancers deal with a lot of different clients throughout the years. Sometimes these clients stick around and become regulars, other times they disappear forever once the job is done (and you are paid, of course!) After a job is complete,… Continue Reading →

Are you making these 5 common freelance mistakes?

When starting a freelance business, mistakes are inevitable. They are going to happen. The best thing you can do is learn from them and make sure that you don’t make the same mistake twice. Freelancers Union provides us with 5… Continue Reading →

Why you shouldn’t compromise on your freelance values

Having values for your freelance business is extremely important. Without values, you have nothing to fall back on and no reference on where you should draw the line. However, often times freelancers compromise on their values to try and please… Continue Reading →

Why you need to look at challenges as opportunities

Rarely does something go exactly according to plan. Whether something negative happens because of a mistake on your part, or something outside of your control, the important thing is how you look at what goes differently and what you plan… Continue Reading →

How are you selling yourself?

I’m sure you heard the saying “Fast, cheap, and good: pick two.” But is it really true? Do you really have to pick two? If so, which two are you? More importantly, which two are you presenting yourself as? Freelancers… Continue Reading →

Why you shouldn’t complain about work on social media

One of the great things about freelancing is that you get to be your own boss. If you feel like posting something about that dumb client who still hasn’t paid you, you’re free to do so. It’s not like you’ll… Continue Reading →

Guarantee your success right now with these 10 incredible tips

Who doesn’t love success? Creative Bloq has put together a great list of 10 tips that will put you on the road to freelance success. My favorite is tip #3. Over the past year, I have gotten a lot better… Continue Reading →

How you can make better decisions today!

Imagine that you just spent days creating the perfect solution to your clients problem. You’ve done the research, explored several different options, crafted justifiable reasons for every decision you’ve made and you feel that it is absolutely perfect. You prepare… Continue Reading →

Can’t keep up? 4 amazing tips to win the day

If you’re like me, you want to squeeze as much time out of the day as possible. You want to be more efficient at what you do so that you can get more done. The more that you get done,… Continue Reading →

Why it doesn’t matter what you think your worth

I recently came across an article by Jake Jorgovan titled “The price of creativity.” Before I began to read it, I thought to myself, “What is my creativity worth to me?” You have probably asked that same question when setting… Continue Reading →

5 ways you can defeat creative block

Few things are worse than trying to be creative when you just can’t. You stare at the blank page intent on coming up with an idea, but it only stares back at you. You spend hours attempting to develop a… Continue Reading →

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