For many beginning freelancers (and even some seasoned ones), finding clients seems like a simple math game.

“If I can just do more marketing, I will certainly find moreclients, right?”


See, when it comes to building any business (not just freelancing) it’s not about how much marketing you do, but how good your marketing is.

Here’s what the guys at Bidsketch have to say about it:

“if you’re like many, then you probably believe that more marketing will lead to more invoices.

If this were the case, then why are there so many service providers who find themselves frustrated and broke (or, dangerously close to broke) after “hyping” their services?

Here’s the reason: For all the hype, and for all the selling of their features, the advertiser (You!) aren’t doing a sufficient enough job of convincing your prospects that you’re a great fit for their needs, and that you’re their obvious option.”

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