Admittedly, this article was written for entrepreneurs. But I believe all freelancers have to be entrepreneurs. Just because you prefer to work solo doesn’t mean you can’t learn to delegate tasks to other people.

As a freelance designer, for example, there’s no reason you have to do your bookkeeping, contract management, or even your sales.

All of it can be delegated.

And if you get creative about how you pay the people you’re delegating to (think commission-based for example) you won’t incur any unaffordable costs in the early days of your business.

Many times, it’s more of a problem with “letting go” than it is with money or management. Here’s what has to say about it.

[E]ven for companies that recognize the problem, the transition from individual control to broad-based management is difficult and scary. It is a huge psychological step turning over (even part of) what you created to someone else.

When do you take that step?

The answer, perhaps surprisingly, is immediately upon creation. Even when the company is small enough for one person to do everything, one person should not be doing it all. What this means is if you haven’t done so already, you need to start delegating today.

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