This is a great (quick) read from Freelancer’s Union.

My favorite part is all about setting expectations for yourself. If you think you’re going to cold-call a bunch of businesses looking for work and have a huge conversion rate, you’re nuts.

Most people (we’re talking 99.5% at least) will flat out tell you know. Then, of the remaining .5%, you’ll have to work your tail off to really convince them.

Here’s what the Freelancer’s Union has to say about it:

Expect a low rate of return

“Unless you have a personal/professional connection, you’re going to be doing a fair amount of shouting into the void. Expect no response from most of your applications/inquiries. That way, every response is a pleasant surprise. Absolutely nobody gets 100% of the gigs they try for; it’s all about trying and trying again. I know it’s easier said than done, but tell yourself that only the gigs that are meant to be will happen… and let the rest go.”

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