What I love about this post is that they not only share how to build your portfolio, but also how to grow it make it as successful as possible.

Here’s what I mean:

“How can I grow my portfolio?

Sometimes, no matter how great your portfolio is, you’re still not getting the clients you want. As you grow and change career tracks and add new projects, you’ll want to update your portfolio to reflect your most recent work.

It’s important to keep a diverse and fresh portfolio, because the kind of work you show is the kind of work you’ll attract. If you’ve been a graphic designer but want to segue into UX design, for example, focus on the mockups for a project and different interaction questions you solved, rather than on graphics and layout. Or if you’re a blog writer trying to get into magazine writing, highlight your longform pieces instead of your shorter, fun stuff.

Show the kind of work that you want to do, not just the work that you have done. If that means doing a passion project or two to boost your portfolio, by all means do so! Personal work is also a great way to gain experience doing a particular kind of project before you pitch it to a client.”

Read the whole article here: Portfolios 101: what you need to know to get started.