Last January, our website development team was struggling for a way to break out of our old market and into a new, more profitable niche. How we did it could work for your business too. Let me explain:

Whether your development team is a one-man band or a full orchestra, your goal is probably to grow.

Growing leads to more connections, more resources, and most importantly more profit; but when you’ve hit a dead-end with marketing, where do you go? Our development team at Metal Potato (my web design agency) faced that issue at the beginning of last year.

We were really stuck in a rut.

The company was profitable, but we weren’t serving much of the audience we were looking for—high end web design clients.

Traditional advertising was okay, but we knew word-of-mouth was our most effective strategy and we needed to find a way to spread it like wild fire.

Perhaps more critically, we had to spread that fire in the right communities. So how did we light it?

We took a risk.

We gave away websites for free.

And it wasn’t easy at first.

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