This was a quick but interesting read on how to define success as a freelancer.

What most wannabe freelancers don’t realize they’ll miss when they jump ship at work is that constant feedback from a boss (even if you don’t like him).

As humans we crave constant feedback. Stickers on our assignments as children; letter grades when we get older.

But who “grades” you as a freelancer? And how do you know when you’re “successful”?

Here’s what the Freelancer’s Union had to say about it.

When you’re a freelancer, it can be difficult to gauge when you’re “successful.” When you’re first starting out and scrambling for clients, success means not actively starving to death. But as you gain more and more experience, and work with more and more clients, that “success” benchmark rises. Pretty soon, “successful” can mean working only with clients who pay you the rates you desire. Then it means working only with clients who do the work you’re interested in, WHILE paying you your preferred rates. Your rates rise. Your quality of life bumps up a little. You start turning down work, getting pickier — you weed the limpest projects out of your portfolio.

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