This is a great write-up from the folks at Freelancers Union.

What lots of people don’t realize when they dream about striking out on their own is that it can get very lonely.

Freelancers Union shares 5 great tips on beating the loneliness and isolation that comes with being a freelancer. My favorite? Tip #2.

For me, bonding can happen in-person, through services like Skype, or even by listening to podcasts from people in the same boat you ride in.

Here’s what they’ve got to say about it:

2. Bond with other freelancers

53 million Americans are currently independent workers — by 2020, 40% of America’s workers will be freelance. There is a whole new workforce that is eager to make connections with others: for collaboration, gigs, or just for hanging out.

Solid networks are crucial for a successful freelance life, and there have never been more resources (both on and off-line) that connect independent workers.

Consider checking out a co-working space. In addition to giving you a more structured feel, it could open up both work and social opportunities.

Having a sense of community and a strong network can greatly reduce the strain of freelance isolation.

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