February 2015

How soon should you follow up with potential clients?

I thought this was a really great article offering three different options to consider when wondering when or how to reach out to a potential client. I would add, however, that they may be overthinking it. In my mind, there’s… Continue Reading →

Searching for new freelance clients without going crazy

This is a great (quick) read from Freelancer’s Union. My favorite part is all about setting expectations for yourself. If you think you’re going to cold-call a bunch of businesses looking for work and have a huge conversion rate, you’re… Continue Reading →

Why Freelancers Should Spend More Time on Social Media

I really resonated with the first point in this article. Take a look: FIND IDEAS ON SOCIAL. “But there’s so much noise on social media!” That’s the complaint I hear when people try to justify going on a digital detox…. Continue Reading →

How to Deal with Scope Creep

Have you ever dealt with a client that kept tacking on new tasks and features to their project? First they want a logo, then some business cards, and then all new stationary. You said, “Okay, I can add on a… Continue Reading →

The 5 Biggest Misconceptions Freelancers Have About Pitching

This may seem a bit unconventional, but my personal opinion has always been that your success as a freelance writer is based just as much, if not more, on your ability to pitch than it is on your ability to… Continue Reading →

55 Productivity Hacks for Designers

Want to save time on your design work? Yes! Great, then let’s dig in. This article is overflowing with time-saving tips that will not only have you working more proficiently, but get you punching above your weight. Learn how to crank up… Continue Reading →

Portfolios 101: what you need to know to get started

What I love about this post is that they not only share how to build your portfolio, but also how to grow it make it as successful as possible. Here’s what I mean: “How can I grow my portfolio? Sometimes,… Continue Reading →

How to Create an Income Model for Your Solo Business That Actually Works

First of all, I love that Envato’s “Tuts” network got into business tutorials. It’s a brilliant idea. This is a fantastic, in-depth article all about how to go from an original business idea to breaking even on your business and… Continue Reading →

5 ways to cope with freelancer isolation

This is a great write-up from the folks at Freelancers Union. What lots of people don’t realize when they dream about striking out on their own is that it can get very lonely. Freelancers Union shares 5 great tips on… Continue Reading →

5 simple steps to side-gigging without going crazy

A nice post from the Freelancer’s Union. Side-freelancing can be tough. It can mean extra night hours, daydreaming at your day job, frustrated clients who want to talk with you any time of day, and more. I’ve found tip #1… Continue Reading →

The most powerful way to differentiate your creative business

I love this insight from Jake Jorgovan. So many of us think that when a client calls us for some work to be done, we have to shove our portfolio in their face. But we couldn’t be more wrong. Jake… Continue Reading →

11 Ways I’ve Made Good Money as a Creative in the Last 8 Years

Below, I’ve shared the 11 ways that talented illustrator and entrepreneur Alex Mathers has made money as a creative person. But the gold of this post is really in Alex’s explanation for each point. He has a great way of speaking the… Continue Reading →

Got a side hustle? Here’s how to pay your taxes

This is one of the most helpful posts I’ve seen about how to pay taxes when you’re running a little side-gig. One of the most depressing parts that people don’t realize? “You are double-taxed as both an employer and an… Continue Reading →

5 Creatives ways to “fire” your worst clients

My favorite way of “firing a client”? Strategy 2: New business model As a freelance writer, I used to take any client I could get; now I only take work where I have some degree of creative freedom and get… Continue Reading →

Why creatives have more potential to get rich than non-creatives

This was a short but sweet post from my friend Jake Jorgovan. He explains the one thing that sets creatives apart and gives them more potential for income than their non-creative counterparts. And I loved the analogy. Take a look: “There… Continue Reading →

How to get way more freelance referrals

I loved this post from Brennan at Double Your Freelancing. So many freelancers get frustrated that they never get referrals. You read articles and listen to podcasts that tell you that word of mouth marketing is the best way to find new… Continue Reading →

Why delegating early will change your business forever

Admittedly, this article was written for entrepreneurs. But I believe all freelancers have to be entrepreneurs. Just because you prefer to work solo doesn’t mean you can’t learn to delegate tasks to other people. As a freelance designer, for example, there’s… Continue Reading →

Three lies that scare freelancers into being average

Now and again, I like to feature some of the most popular posts ever published at my freelancing blog, The post at the link below is incredibly helpful and was very popular. Here’s how it starts… “Do you feel… Continue Reading →

How One Freelancer Lined Up $29,700 Worth of Gigs in 30 Days

This was a bit of a hidden gem (and, I’ll warn you, it’s a bit of a book promo for the interviewer), but I’m so glad I found it. It’s essentially an interview between freelancer Penny Hawes and Linda Formichelli of… Continue Reading →

How I Use LinkedIn to Make More Freelance Income

This is a top-notch and unique way of using a combination of LinkedIn and Google Alerts to automate (somewhat) how you use LinkedIn to find potential freelance clients. Not only is it a minimal amount of work, but I imagine… Continue Reading →

10 mind-shifts you MUST have today to be a successful and happy freelancer

Stop beating yourself up over little things. Realize that you’re good enough. And acknowledge that your work is worth paying for. These are just a few of the key mind-shifts you’ll need to have if you’re truly going to thrive… Continue Reading →

Why MORE marketing won’t get you more clients (and what to do instead)

For many beginning freelancers (and even some seasoned ones), finding clients seems like a simple math game. “If I can just do more marketing, I will certainly find moreclients, right?” Wrong. See, when it comes to building any business (not just freelancing) it’s… Continue Reading →

10 Apps That Will Make Any Freelancer More Creative

Not much to say on this one except that staying creative when you also have to run a business can sometimes be draining. My two tips for staying creative? 1. Hire out as many non-creative tasks as possible. This frees… Continue Reading →

How to Handle Angry, Frustrated or Upset Clients

Preston’s article at Just Creative is a great one. Among lots of other great advice, here’s my favorite quote from the whole piece: Your most unhappy customer is your greatest source of learning. Read the whole article at JUST™ Creative.

How to make the jump to freelancing full time

One of the biggest questions I get through my site is from creatives who are wanting to quit their jobs and freelance full time. They know they want to do it, but they are afraid to make the jump. Over… Continue Reading →

How to know when you’ve “made it” as a freelancer?

This was a quick but interesting read on how to define success as a freelancer. What most wannabe freelancers don’t realize they’ll miss when they jump ship at work is that constant feedback from a boss (even if you don’t… Continue Reading →

How I made $100K in 1 year on Elance

There’s not much I can add to this post because I’m not personally making $100K on elance. But Danny from Freelance To Win is. Here’s his story: “On July 20th, 2014, I celebrated my 2-year anniversary working as a freelance… Continue Reading →

How we tripled our business by giving away free websites

Last January, our website development team was struggling for a way to break out of our old market and into a new, more profitable niche. How we did it could work for your business too. Let me explain: Whether your… Continue Reading →

How to Show Up Every Day (and Why You Must)

I’ve been preaching this same principle lately: success is less about being a genius (although that won’t hurt) and more about simply showing up to do the work every day. I love (seriously LOVE) Sean’s approach to this topic. He… Continue Reading →

How to save your failing freelance business

I wanted to share this post from Brent at Your Freelance Career because we seem to always be talking about getting started, growing bigger, finding more clients, etc. But we never talk about failure. Failing as a freelancer is all-to-common, but… Continue Reading →

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