Why share this post?

I’ve worked with Jake in the past (you can listen to our conversation on freelancing and entrepreneurship here) and I love the way this guy thinks.

His not-so-new idea is pretty revolutionary.

It’s also brilliantly simple: keep a list of people you like.

I think this is worth sharing for one simple reason: people focus too much on tactics and strategies these days when building a business.

They forget it’s about the people. And as soon as you start talking about business like we’re real human beings and treating people like they’re human beings instead of “business leads” or “future clients,” you’ll suddenly start seeing all sorts of opportunities come your way.


Here’s a little more on Jake’s “list of people he likes.” (Which I secretly hope I’m on personally.)

From Jake:

“For years, I have used a strategy that has both improved my quality of life and generated a large amount of income.

The strategy has never cost me a single dollar, and I enjoy executing it.

Its not complicated, and it is something anyone can do.

What is this strategy you ask?

It’s simple.

I keep a list of people I like.

Read the entire post on Jake’s blog.