Why share this article from Red Lemon Club?

Because Alex shines light on a highly misunderstood piece of building a creative business.

Too many creatives have an “if you build it, they will come” mentality with their creative work.

“If I just write enough blog posts…

“If I just design enough logos…

The bad news is, it’s hard to break through from obscurity to success and recognition. Even if you’re extremely talented.

You have to market yourself. It’s what all the greats are doing behind the scenes that you haven’t picked up on yet.

Here’s what Alex has to say about it:

“Creatives often suffer because they underestimate the amount of energy you need to put into marketing yourself. It’s not just about having an agent and touching in with a few people each week.

‘The gap’ is small because the difference between a rich and a poor business is a combination of energy, strong commitment and a little extra knowledge. That’s it. Read about anyone who got rich. They sold the heck out of their products.

If you’re starting out, you need to take massive amounts of consistent action to market yourself and your brand, and then sell what you have.”

Loved this post. Read the whole thing at Red Lemon Club.