It tends to be a pretty dirty word in the world on honest business building. It’s boring. It’s dull. It brings back bad memories of cocktail bars or conference rooms stuffed with people, forced to mingle and meet.


But Brennan’s advice in this post is completely awesome. It’s a great way to connect with only the people you REALLY want to connect with and how to see REAL results from a “networking event.”

I’ve included the simple gist of it below. But you really ought to read Brennan’s entire post. It’s a great one.

[O]rganize a small, invitation-only group of local business owners who are interested in the intersection of [what is it you do] and business, and you think they’d be a great addition. Ask them if you have their permission to add them to your group — let them know you occasionally organize get-togethers and often send out interesting tidbits about business. I’ve seen people refer to this as their “Insider’s Circle”, but I wouldn’t get caught up on a name — my agency ultimately had a few thousand people on our list, and we never had a proper title of any sort.

Read the whole thing at Double Your Freelancing.