January 2015

7 Horrible mistakes to avoid when starting your freelance business

Why share this? Most of it is pretty expected, but one point I found particularly important and true: “NOT HAVING AN UPSELL (OR TWO)” What most freelancers don’t realize is you can only survive for so long on the “hours… Continue Reading →

The Missing ‘Gap’ to Getting Rich With Your Creative Skills

Why share this article from Red Lemon Club? Because Alex shines light on a highly misunderstood piece of building a creative business. Too many creatives have an “if you build it, they will come” mentality with their creative work. “If… Continue Reading →

How Often Should I Negotiate My Freelance Rates?

Why share this? It’s an eye-opening look at the importance of negotiating your rates. We’re not talking about “charging what your worth” or “grandfathering old clients into lower rates.” We’re talking about straight-up negotiating higher rates with your current clients…. Continue Reading →

5 Reasons quitting your job isn’t “the dream”

Why share this post? I loved this post from Tom Ewer posted on the Bidsketch blog. A lot of times as we get caught up in the freelancing and entrepreneurship world, we start thinking “the dream” is to “quit working.”… Continue Reading →

Why freelancers should have ‘a list of people you like’

Why share this post? I’ve worked with Jake in the past (you can listen to our conversation on freelancing and entrepreneurship here) and I love the way this guy thinks. His not-so-new idea is pretty revolutionary. It’s also brilliantly simple:… Continue Reading →

How to stay connected to former freelance clients

Why share this? In their own words, “Savvy freelancers know that the best clients are repeat clients – and that it’s much easier to reconnect with a previous contact than it is to establish a completely new connection. But “keeping… Continue Reading →

How I Turned My Business and Life Around (Plus an Income Update)

Why share this? I thought it was a really interesting look into why many of us feel like we have to put in 8+ hours every day, even when we work for ourselves. Tom’s insights into finding the why behind… Continue Reading →

11 Ways to make more money from your business in 2015

Why share this post? Because I think that point #1 is one of the most important things for a freelancer to learn. Many and most freelancers are artists. Which means we tend to think more about our “art” (writing, design,… Continue Reading →

One daily habit that will make any freelancer rich

Seven years ago, I started legitimately freelancing for the first time. I was so stoked. “If I can find just one or two new clients every month,” I thought to myself, “I’ll be making more than I could at a… Continue Reading →

16 ways to find new freelance clients

Why share this post? It’s packed with great tips, but we especially love tip #5. In fact, we believe it’s where all the great freelance clients are hiding. Here’s what Jake Jorgovan has to say about it. “Tip 5: Look for hubs of work… Continue Reading →

What should freelancers include in a contract?

Even though we’ve literally written the book on getting started with contracts as a freelancer, I thought this article did a nice job of summing up a few key things you should (almost) always include in a contract when freelancing…. Continue Reading →

6 tips for evaluating your freelance business

Why did I choose to share this article? Strictly for  point #4. It’s so true and we never think about it. Where did you find luck in your business in 2014 and how will you replicate it in 2015? Read… Continue Reading →

Getting new clients is all about the words you use

Why share this? Because I think Mike Smith from Guerilla Freelancing is spot on. Landing new clients is all about the words you use. Here, he discusses the importance of helping your client see you as an investment, not an expense. It’s a… Continue Reading →

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