On this installment of Contently’s “Ask a Freelancer” series, they tackle a really great question:

How do I (and should I) quit my job to freelance for my employer?

It’s an intriguing question but, in my mind, comes with a fair amount of risk.

I would recommend having more clients before you quit your job. What happens when your previous boss decides he doesn’t like the new arrangement?

Where’s your plan B?

One tip they provide involves really selling your current boss on the whole idea.

Here’s what they say:

“To justify the switch, you are going to have to … hit your employer with some persuasive reasoning. Mainly: You’ll save the company money in the long run and complete work more efficiently. Interestingly, you’ll probably have to convince the boss you’ll be able to provide even more value as a consultant than you did as a full-time employee.”

Read the rest of the fantastic article at The Freelancer, by Contently.