Why share this? April on my writing team at GDB really knows what she’s talking about when it comes to running a successful creative business.

But she admits she’s not the best negotiator in the world. And I totally see where she’s coming from.

As creatives, we tend to believe people will pay us good money for good work. Unfortunately, good negotiation skills will come in handy more often than you might think.

Here are April’s thoughts:

“Negotiations always give me the jitters.

Am I proposing a fair deal? Am I about to get swindled? Should I look elsewhere? Am I going to lose this project? Is this client going to be more stress than they’re worth?

Etc. etc.

I think partly that’s because I’ve never been good at reading people; maybe I’m too honest, naive, or just plain oblivious.

But I also believe it’s because the art of negotiation is rarely taught in school (no matter what degree you pursue), and few are willing to share their precious secrets lest you get the best of them or realize just how long they’ve been masterfully playing you.

As an solopreneur, though, negotiation is a BIG part of our livelihood. Whether we’re buying or selling, the ability to get a good deal can make or break our business.

So how do you negotiate like a pro when your insides are squirming? Here are a few big ways to be confident and collected…and more importantly, come out with a good deal.”

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How to negotiate with clients (or anyone) like a pro this year.