Why share this? Because I’ve noticed personally how much your surroundings can affect your productivity. One of the most impactful changes for me comes through adding natural light to my space.

Here’s what The Next Web says about lighting:

“Look into the type of lighting that lights your office space. Most people thrive and are the most productive when there is a flood of natural light into their work area. Make sure you can utilize all of your windows well and position desks so that they get lots of  natural light at their workspace.

Not all offices, however, are blessed with ample windows. If this is the case for your office, a bit of trickery may be needed. Mirrors can help bounce light around the room and will actually help light your area.

If you have an office that has windows only on one side of the room, consider putting large mirrors on the opposite wall of the windows. When the light pours through those windows, the mirrors will reflect it back into the room in different directions. It will also make the office feel bigger and more airy as well as it gives the illusion of depth.”

You can read the entire post at The Next Web.