Why share this? I thought it was a really interesting look into why many of us feel like we have to put in 8+ hours every day, even when we work for ourselves.

Tom’s insights into finding the why behind your workday are awesome.

I’ll kick it off here and you can read the rest on his blog.

“It is so ingrained in us to work a 9-5 day that the idea of working half of that time (or even less) may not even occur to us as an option. But, fortunately for me, it was (and is) an option. And actually, I believe it is an option for many more of us than we think. Sure – we might need to work 8+ hour days to sustain our ways of living, but what if we are prepared to live differently? What if we are prepared to sacrifice material wants and exchange them for more time?”

Read the rest of the post here (there’s lots too it, including some income details you may or may not care about depending on how much you know Tom. But it’s good stuff).