Why share this post?

I was actually a little sad it didn’t address the whole “before January ends” phrase found in the headline.

I guess it was just click-bait.

But it got me thinking: is there a reason I should do this before January is up? What will it hurt to wait until February or even March?

Here are a few reasons I will add to their list (hence the “+” in the title):

1. You just closed your books on last year. No one would expect you to change prices on Jan 1 without knowing how your year turned out. With your books as a backup, explain to your client the increase in expenses, the economy, whatever it is that’s causing you to raise you rates.

2. If you don’t do it now, you never will. Yeah, you could wait until February. You could BS your way through it next month instead of now. But why wait? If you wait now, you’ll likely wait in February and then in March. And before you know it, you won’t have raised your rates at all this year.

Just do it now.

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