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There have been a lot of articles recently about starting the new year, or making 2015 great, etc etc.

But this one was really unique and had some ideas that I have either (1)seen HUGE benefit from in the past or (2)never even thought of.

Here are some of my favorite from the list of 17:


Studies find that the morning commute is, from a happiness perspective, the low moment of people’s days. So take a minute on Sunday night and download one podcast worth listening to during your drive on Monday morning. Ideally, you’ll find this tweak so helpful that you’ll start figuring out ways to better enjoy all your commutes. But once a week is much better than being at the mercy of morning shock jocks in perpetuity.

I completely relate to that one since the day I started commuting by train 80 minutes every day was the day I started seeing some real results on my other blog and in my creative business.


You don’t have to stop watching, just change your approach. Write down what you’re going to watch before you turn on the TV. That way you’ll mindfully choose programs you enjoy, rather than watching for hours more than you intend.

I’m going to give this one a shot. And I probably won’t like what I see. (I’m admittedly a binge watcher on Hulu and Netflix.)

But this worked for me a couple of years ago logging calories and exercise time. It’s not necessarily about changing anything upfront, but when you start to see how much time you’re spending on TV, you’re likely to think of a few things you’d rather do with that time (see: build your business or enjoy the fruits of it…like more time with your family.)


For better sleep, ask yourself two questions. First, what time do I need to get out of bed? Second, how much sleep do I need? Count back your answer for the second question from your answer for the first, and then set an alarm on your phone or watch for 30 minutes prior to this time. The alarm will provide an external signal that it’s time to wind down. That means you don’t need to be the killjoy telling your partner it’s time to turn off the TV. It’s not you, it’s the alarm!

Nothing much more to say except: this…is…brilliant.


If you have to type something daily, it may as well inspire you. Don’t use an easily cracked word like “happy” on its own. But taking meaningful words and putting a few characters or numbers in the middle could work.

Hadn’t thought of this little nugget before either. You can even pick a business goal that gets you really amped up every time you log into your computer.

Something like:

6F!Gure$ (Six Figures) or Fr33d*m! (Freedom)

Check out the entire list at “17 Small (And Totally Doable) Tweaks That Will Change Your Year