Why share this post? It’s packed with great tips, but we especially love tip #5. In fact, we believe it’s where all the great freelance clients are hiding.

Here’s what Jake Jorgovan has to say about it.

Tip 5: Look for hubs of work

A hub of work is any single client that will continually feed you multiple clients.

For a copywriter, a good hub of work is a web designer who may need regular copy for their website projects.

For a web designer, a branding agency may be a regular source of new web design projects.

For an event designer, an event planner may be a regular source of work.

Every type of creative skill has a different hub. Figure out who the hubs of work are in your industry and target them.

For more on this, listen to my interview with Mat Newton on how he utilized hubs of work to build up a large client base for his SEO business in just a couple months.”

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