Why share this post? Because I think that point #1 is one of the most important things for a freelancer to learn.

Many and most freelancers are artists. Which means we tend to think more about our “art” (writing, design, etc.) than we do about cashflow.

But, without enough cash to feed the family or pay the rent, it’s hard to have the right creative mentality to produce art that really works.

So it feels backwards to focus on money first but without it you’re just running a really busy hobby. You don’t have a freelance business.

Bianca explains it much better than I can. Here’s what she says:

“#1 Accept that cash is King

Respect that money is what makes your business tick and give it the time (and love) it deserves. It’s the ticket to your freedom…a better headspace, a happier life, a healthier business, better relationships with your partner, a better life for your kids, inner and outer growth, well-being…EVERYTHING!

Money can fix a LOT of problems. It’s not the be all and end all but geez, it goes close. Not for what it is – but what it can do. Imagine how much good you could do in the world if you had a lot of money. Amazing!

So take charge of your finances, know where every penny goes IN and OUT and start paying it the respect it deserves. Treat it like a King and it will repay you a million times over.”

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