Why share this? Because I have yet to master the art of working from home. But one thing from this post I am proud to say I’ve become fairly good at? Setting hours and sticking to them.

When it’s work time, it’s seriously time to work.

But when it’s family time, nothing else gets in the way.

Here’s what the article shares on hours:

“4. Set hours and stick to them.

Be strict with yourself. Set the start of your day and end of your day at very specific times, and adhere to those times. It’s not just about making sure you work a certain number of hours–it’s about maximizing the time you do have. Starting at 8 a.m. sharp will give you a specific initiation point, rather than a fuzzy period of procrastination and distraction. But ending at say, 5 p.m. sharp, is also beneficial. Working from home can cause your personal life and work life to bleed into each other, so it’s important to draw firm lines between them for your mental health.”

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