January 2015

How to Quit Your Full-Time Job and Freelance For Your Employer

On this installment of Contently’s “Ask a Freelancer” series, they tackle a really great question: How do I (and should I) quit my job to freelance for my employer? It’s an intriguing question but, in my mind, comes with a… Continue Reading →

11 Pro Tips for Giving and Receiving Creative Feedback

Giving helpful, sincere feedback can be hard. And taking constructive criticism without getting offended can be even harder. But as a creative freelancer, criticism is something you likely face multiple times a week, if not many times every day. I’ve… Continue Reading →

Seriously upgrade your design portfolio in 20 minutes or less for free

Are you one of those designers who uses a web portfolio to show off their work and find new clients? You’re in good company because most designers do the same. And most designers also rely on an analytical tool (like… Continue Reading →

The Best Networking “Hack” I’ve Ever Used

“Networking.” It tends to be a pretty dirty word in the world on honest business building. It’s boring. It’s dull. It brings back bad memories of cocktail bars or conference rooms stuffed with people, forced to mingle and meet. Bleh…. Continue Reading →

The “secret” you haven’t learned yet about pricing your services

Why share this? Because I love how Jake Jorgovan leads into this whole idea. Who hasn’t wasted tons of hours and money on getting pricing wrong (especially when starting out)? I agree whole-heartedly with Jake’s advice. If you’re smart, you’ll invest… Continue Reading →

5 Ways to get more income from each freelance client

Why share this post with you? Because I think lots of freelancers get so caught up in managing projects and juggling clients that they miss tons of opportunities to up-sell their work. You’re more than just a writer, or a designer,… Continue Reading →

6 Money hacks that will set your business up for massive success

A few years ago, I made a couple small changes that resulted in a huge positive shift for my business. At the time, I was building this blog and running a freelancing gig. And I was busy. Which meant that some… Continue Reading →

10 Ways to dominate as a freelancer (even during “slow times”)

Here’s why I think this is worth sharing. Alex at The Red Lemon Club shares 10 ways to dominate as a freelancer even during slow times. All ten are amazing, but I think the world of creative freelancers could benefit… Continue Reading →

8+ Reasons Why You Should Raise Your Rates Before January Ends

Why share this post? I was actually a little sad it didn’t address the whole “before January ends” phrase found in the headline. I guess it was just click-bait. But it got me thinking: is there a reason I should… Continue Reading →

7 Rules for Working From a Coffee Shop (Like a Boss)

Why share this? Because, I’d say, 100% of these rules needed to be said. If you’re not committing these errors, you have definitely at least seen the guy who is. He’s sprawled out across three tables, he hasn’t bought anything,… Continue Reading →

What your pricing strategy says about you as a freelance designer

Have you ever realized what your price point says about you as a designer? As designers we worry so much about how our brand looks when it comes to logo, web site, etc. We obsess over what to name our… Continue Reading →

*Read This* When You Feel Like Quitting Your Creative Business

I love Bianca’s raw and honest articles about running her very successful design business. This woman knows what she’s doing. Here, she shares a very personal experience when she felt like giving up on the whole thing and, through personal… Continue Reading →

10 web design trends that will change everything in 2015

“In 2014, the biggest web design trends included: grid layouts, flat design, background videos, and the increasing capabilities of HTML5 APIs. So which trends, technologies and techniques will define 2015? net magazine set out to uncover them by asking 20… Continue Reading →

Optimizing Your Freelance Lifestyle for Better Productivity

Why share this podcast episode? I recently stumbled on Sean’s podcast when his site was featured in a “blogs that changed my life” article together with my blog. This episode flows nicely and they cover some really amazing productivity tips…. Continue Reading →

How to Create When You Don’t Feel Creative

Why share this post? I stumbled on this one in a round-about way and completely love Daniel’s writing style. My favorite piece of advice for creating when you don’t feel creative? 1. Create Every Single Day You’re not a creative person because… Continue Reading →

4 Unique & Effective Twitter Marketing Ideas for Freelancers

I have to admit, as I was searching through the hundreds of new stories I sort through every day for The Freelance Report, I thought this one was going to be a lame post with all the usual stuff: retweet… Continue Reading →

10 Must-have Habits for Working at Home

Why share this? Because I have yet to master the art of working from home. But one thing from this post I am proud to say I’ve become fairly good at? Setting hours and sticking to them. When it’s work… Continue Reading →

3 Common lies about successful people

Why share? I’m a big fan of Jon Acuff. He tells it like it is. And this post is no different than usual. Jon totally nailed it with 3 all-to common lies about successful people. Here are the three lies: Lie… Continue Reading →

How to Design an Office That Boosts Productivity

Why share this? Because I’ve noticed personally how much your surroundings can affect your productivity. One of the most impactful changes for me comes through adding natural light to my space. Here’s what The Next Web says about lighting: “Look… Continue Reading →

How to negotiate with clients (or anyone) like a pro this year

Why share this? April on my writing team at GDB really knows what she’s talking about when it comes to running a successful creative business. But she admits she’s not the best negotiator in the world. And I totally see… Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Freelancer’s Guide to Focused Work

Why share this post? Because we all get distracted. When you’ve got no boss looking over your shoulder and you “have to get on facebook” to promote your business, you’re bound to wind up finding yourself off on some random… Continue Reading →

How to Make a Living as a Writer (Jeff Goins Shares Exactly How) – YouTube

Watch on YouTube instead: How to Make a Living as a Writer (Jeff Goins Shares Exactly How)

17 Small (And Totally Doable) Tweaks That Will Change Your Year

Why share this post? There have been a lot of articles recently about starting the new year, or making 2015 great, etc etc. But this one was really unique and had some ideas that I have either (1)seen HUGE benefit… Continue Reading →

How to finally get started on that project you’ve been daydreaming about

I recently read a post at titled How to Painlessly Plan Your Next Business Project. The article was fantastic. It came packed with all sorts of awesome insights on planning your next entrepreneurial project including some really great insight into… Continue Reading →

5 Design tips to shave hours off your week

I knew a lot of these, but I’m sharing this post for tip #3 alone. It’s a complete life-changer. Seriously. Here it is: “Create custom keyboard shortcuts Keyboard shortcuts for Photoshop and InDesign are a great time-saver for auctioning regular design… Continue Reading →

The best 2015 tax deductions for freelancers

Why did this make the cut? I’ve been a freelancer and entrepreneur for more than 5 years and every single year I wonder if I’m getting ripped off (I mean more than usual) with my taxes. So this year, with… Continue Reading →

The easiest (and best) way to get new freelance clients

Why share this article? Because Mike at Guerrilla Freelancing has completely nailed it. There are a zillion ways to market your freelance business, but none of them can trump word of mouth. We call it by lots of other names these days:… Continue Reading →

4 Mistakes Freelancers Make When Selling Themselves

I loved this post from Brennan Dunn of Double Your Freelancing. Here’s why: Among lots of great advice, Brennan recommends you include a call-to-action when trying to sell your freelancing services. For me, this is as important in person as it… Continue Reading →

5 Resolutions to Reach Your Business Goals This Year

Why share this? Because 4 of the 5 tips shared have to do with money. And rightfully so. Your business goals for the year should have a huge focus on cashflow. As a freelancer, you’ve got to have a handle… Continue Reading →

How to avoid distractions when freelancing from home

Why share this post? It’s packed with some really great ideas for getting more work done when you’re at home. Here’s one small gem that I agree with whole-heartedly: “Phones, e-mails and chats are there to help you in your… Continue Reading →

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