Why are we sharing this?

Because tip #2 really resonated with me. There was a period of about two years when I was super-dedicated to planning my entire day the night before it happened.

And you know what, I got more done in those two years than I even have in any amount of time before or since.

So when James says you should prepare the night before, I totally agree. The other six pieces of advice he offers are excellent too. If you could do them all every morning, I’m thinking your life could change dramatically.

Here’s what James Clear has to say:

“Prepare the night before. I don’t do this nearly as often as I should, but if you only do one thing each day then spend a few minutes each night organizing your to–do list for tomorrow. When I do it right, I’ll outline the article I’m going to write the next day and develop a short list of the most important items for me to accomplish. It takes 10 minutes that night and saves 3 hours the next day.”

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