December 2014

5 Budgeting Tips for Creatives With Fluctuating Income

Why pick out this one? Because dealing with the roller coaster of fluctuating income can be difficult. One of the best pieces of advice in this article has to be this one: “Set Aside Bonuses and Raises” When you’re paying… Continue Reading →

How to Predict What You Will Earn from Your Creative Business Each Month

Why share this? Because Alex Mathers at the Red Lemon Club highlights one of the most important steps in knowing how much you can expect to make as a freelancer or creative entrepreneur. “3. Break down your income goal into steps” Why… Continue Reading →

Preparing Your Freelance Business For The New Year

Here’s why we’re sharing this post: Few things are more powerful than a year-end review to give yourself a jumpstart, find renewed energy, and get excited for the next 365 days of running a freelance business. Our friend, Brent Galloway, shares… Continue Reading →

Who Pays the Best Freelance Rates for Photographers & Writers?

Why did we share this article? Among other great advice, it shares with us two awesome web sites that help freelancers make a bit more money. “[W]ebsites like Who Pays Photographers? and Scratch Mag’s Who Pays Writers?, both of which… Continue Reading →

Get More Leads– Interview with Brennan Dunn from ‘Double Your Freelancing’

Why we like this interview: Brennan Dunn knows his stuff when it comes to freelancing and building a creative business. We’re most excited about Brennan’s 2015 project where he plans to build a creative agency from scratch and document the… Continue Reading →

How to Get 90% of Your Work Done Before Noon

Why we chose to share this post: A couple of years ago, I read the book Start by Jon Acuff. One of the best pieces of advice I got from Jon went something like this: Get up at 5am when no… Continue Reading →

6 Habits of Super Productive Freelancers

Why we’re sharing this post: Rachel MacDonald shares some excellent advice on how to get more done in less time without stressing yourself out. Our favorite piece of advice? Schedule the hardest tasks early in the day. “Do you start the… Continue Reading →

You Get 25,000 Mornings as an Adult: Here are 8 Ways to Not Waste Them

Why are we sharing this? Because tip #2 really resonated with me. There was a period of about two years when I was super-dedicated to planning my entire day the night before it happened. And you know what, I got… Continue Reading →

9 Things Successful People Do When Working From Home

Why we’re sharing this: There was a time in my life when I first started commuting to the office by train instead of by car. In that very moment, my whole business changed. I suddenly had all this extra commuting… Continue Reading →

7 Reasons why you can’t land new client work

Why we chose this: Once again, Brent from Your Freelance Career offers some stellar advice for freelancers who are stuck in a rut. Here’s a section we particularly liked: “Your brand lacks personality Just because you have a logo doesn’t… Continue Reading →

3 Situations where I turned down freelance work (and why)

Why we chose it: This article from our friend Brent Galloway is a real valuable one. Why? He walks you through three real-life scenarios where he had to turn down freelance work recently. Here’s a gem from the post itself:… Continue Reading →

13 Ways to Stop Clients making Too Many Revisions

Why we chose it: We especially like the advice that Design Bump offers in tip #13: “If you come across a negative client who is asking for repeated unrealistic revisions, you may need to pull the plug!” We couldn’t agree… Continue Reading →

Starting a Million-Dollar Business With $1,000

Why we chose it: This article could have easily been called “4 HUGE mistakes new entrepreneurs make when starting a business.” Not only is the advice 100% spot-on, but it’s also very insightful and comes from someone who knows what… Continue Reading →

What Every Creative Freelancer Needs to Know About Contracts (Video)

Why we chose it: This video is actually a full-length webinar on creative contracts. It’s not the most lively video we’ve ever watched and we’re pretty sure it won’t win any awards. But the content in it is priceless if… Continue Reading →

Is It Too Late?

Why share this? Last week Corbett Barr at had a conversation with a friend who proclaimed: “it’s too late to build a popular blog or podcast. The day has passed when you could grow an audience and earn a… Continue Reading →

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