Freelance invoice apps: the 14 best options on the market right now

When I first started freelancing, I looked everywhere for a freelance invoice app to help me streamline my online business. See, I used to have this invoice template built in InDesign and stored somewhere safe on my computer. Every time… Continue Reading →

10 Tools Freelancers Should Use for Peak Productivity

It’s hard to stay focused and productive, with so many distractions on the web, accessible with just one click. The good news is, there are also some great online tools and apps, every business owner should take advantage of. Here… Continue Reading →

How One Woman Is Changing The Lives of Female Solopreneurs in Nepal & India

Adrienne Thakur is not just an entrepreneur who works for her own profit. She has a mission; that is to educate women from India and Nepal and help them charge what they deserve. Learn how she’s overcoming challenges and building… Continue Reading →

Productization: How to Turn Your Freelance Services Into Top Products

If you are a service-based freelancer or consultant, today it is easier than ever to create passive income.  Productizing your services is the perfect way to scale your business and profits. This helpful guide provides examples of what you could… Continue Reading →

5 Crucial Phrases to Put in Your First Email to New Freelance Prospects

Although our first interaction with prospects is crucial for winning a project, only a few do it right. Many professionals make potential clients feel like they are just bothering them, wasting their precious time. It’s not so difficult, however, to… Continue Reading →

The Secrets To Freelancing Productively From Home (Even With Kids)

Although having the opportunity to work from home sounds perfect, there are some disadvantages. It’s hard to remain concentrated and be productive when you don’t live alone; especially if there are kids around. A freelance writer with five children shares… Continue Reading →

Give Yourself the Gift of Time: 9 Tasks Every Freelancer and Small Business Owner Should Automate

In the internet era, it is easier than ever to automate your business and free up precious time. There are so many apps and tools online to make your business life incredibly easy (some of them totally free or at… Continue Reading →

What a Trumped-Up Tax Code Would Mean for the Freelance Gig Economy

Will the new president of the U.S. keep his promises and reduce taxes? And would this be beneficial for freelancers? The following article analyzes the benefits and consequences of president’s Trump plan on gig economy. What is the plan? There… Continue Reading →

4 Freelance Client-Getting Myths, Debunked

It is amazing how many mistakes and wrong decisions we make, based on false beliefs. Like the following: “If you are exquisite you don’t need promotion; it is a matter of time to get discovered and paid what you deserve.”… Continue Reading →

When Should You Ask Freelance Clients to Pay?

Freelancers who complain about not getting paid on time – or at all – make one huge mistake. They start working without a clearly written agreement. Working without a contract is unprofessional and a sure way to lose money. If… Continue Reading →

Stop Posting Lame Client Testimonials (Like Most Freelancers Do!)

This brilliant post Preston D Lee wrote a few years ago, motivated me to start working on something I’ve been putting off for months. Posting testimonials on my website suddenly seemed like fun and extremely easy to do. I realized… Continue Reading →

Why a Freelance Prospect You Want Chooses Your Competitor

A common pitfall you should definitely avoid is copying others. Instead of being preoccupied with your competition, you should focus on your own marketing ideas. In this article, you will find some excellent points on how to build trust and… Continue Reading →

The Differences Between A Freelancer, A Business Owner and An Entrepreneur

How do you call yourself? Are you thinking – and acting – like a freelancer or a business owner? If you can tell the difference, how would this help your business? Read this article to find out where you are… Continue Reading →

How Bianca Board Went from Zero Freelance Clients to Millions in Revenue

Bianca Board is another entrepreneur, who started out with no money and zero clients and scaled her business to be much bigger than herself. Listen to her success story and get inspired! She always knew she wanted to start and… Continue Reading →

The Freelancer’s Guide To Niching Your Business

If you are a freelancer, you’ve probably noticed that there’s been a much talk – and debate – about the necessity of ‘finding your niche” and “targeting your market.” In case you find posts or advice on this topic confusing… Continue Reading →

How to Find Your First Paying Freelance Customers (Before You Build Your Business)

Building a business requires a lot more than setting up a website and wait for clients to find you. It takes much work before you start selling your goods or services. This article reveals the initial steps followed by successful… Continue Reading →

How to Negotiate with Freelance Clients (or Anyone) Like a Pro

Nobody is born confident enough to be a great negotiator. The secret to coming out on top and closing a good deal is being prepared and following the right strategy. This article, full of valuable advice, will help you get… Continue Reading →

Fight Or Flight? How To Channel Your Freelance Work Anxiety Productively

56% of anxiety sufferers deal specifically with performance anxiety at work. This fascinating and useful article describes six proven by science theories to help you manage work stress in a productive way. Work Anxiety vs. Stress Anxiety isn’t the same… Continue Reading →

6 Important Business Milestones in Your First 5 Years of Freelancing

Will your business be one of the 50% that makes it past five years? It’s possible if you work in milestones and stay focused on your goals. This article outlines the tactics successful entrepreneurs use to build long-lasting and profitable… Continue Reading →

5 Productivity Practices for New Freelance Business Owners

If you are a new freelancer, being productive while enjoying your freedom at work may seem controversial. There’s no boss to tell you what to do and set priorities; there’s no 9 to 5 working week. Things can easily slip… Continue Reading →

5 Ways to Win Repeat Business and Keep Your Freelance Clients Engaged

There are many benefits to repeatedly working with your best clients. It is easier, less time-consuming, effortless and pleasant for both sides. It also saves you valuable time you would spend marketing your business to attract new prospects. In the… Continue Reading →

16 Free Ways to Find Leads for Your Freelance Business

Potential clients are everywhere. Just make sure they will notice you and remember you. If you are passionate about your work, this is extremely easy! In case you are desperately looking for clients and you haven’t used at least 10… Continue Reading →

The Secret to Setting Your Freelance Rates Perfectly

It’s amazing how many freelancers don’t run a profitable business and they don’t even know it! I’ve already met a few of them. If you don’t track your expenses, you don’t know if you’re earning or losing money. Before you… Continue Reading →

The 10 Business Books Every Freelancer Should Read

Reading is a great habit that most successful professionals and entrepreneurs share in common. Reading the right books is the best way to spend your time, learning new things, acquiring new skills, expanding your horizons, avoiding mistakes and getting inspired… Continue Reading →

8 Steps to Captivating Freelance Clients on LinkedIn

While Facebook and Twitter are the most popular social media platforms, they were not designed for professionals. LinkedIn, on the other hand, is strictly for business. You may not get so many likes, but there are job opportunities in there…. Continue Reading →

How Much Should Freelancers Charge For Design Work?

Pricing jobs can be one of the most frustrating parts of the creative process. Are your rates too high or are you leaving money on the table? Should you charge an hourly rate or a flat fee? This useful guide,… Continue Reading →

3 Stages of Freelance Client Relationships and How They Impact Your Profits

This article outlines precisely the reasons why some freelancers attract quality, high paying clients, and some others do not – yet. If you are still a “technician”, you cannot easily compete with an “expert.” Read to find out which stage… Continue Reading →

9 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Freelance Business

Unfortunately, it happens more often than you can imagine. What’s even worse, is the fact that you are probably unaware of sabotaging your business. #6, for instance, seems like a good habit; but is it? Here are a few signs… Continue Reading →

6 Reasons Why Starting an Online Freelance Business Is The Best Decision I Ever Made

This article outlines correctly some of the best reasons one should decide to start an online business. When so many people spend so much time online, it’s no wonder why so many professionals choose a career based entirely on the… Continue Reading →

10 of The Best Graphic Design Books Freelancers should read in 2017

It is necessary to educate yourself continuously if you want to be a skilled and up to date freelance designer. In case you find it difficult to decide which books you should buy this year for your studio, Creativebloq has… Continue Reading →

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