6 Money hacks that will set your business up for massive success

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A few years ago, I made a couple small changes that resulted in a huge positive shift for my business. At… Continue Reading →

How Leaving Comments Grows a Blog & Freelance Business

At first, I was pretty skeptical of this post. Why? Because of this headline: “A Good Comment Linking Back to… Continue Reading →

10 Tips to Become a Better, More Successful Freelancer

Brent’s been putting some really great content out lately and I like the 10 tips he shares in this article…. Continue Reading →

50+ Sites for Free Images, Fonts & Icons for Your Blog

Not much to say on this one, but you’ve simply GOT to check out this amazing list of 50+ places… Continue Reading →

How soon should you follow up with potential clients?

I thought this was a really great article offering three different options to consider when wondering when or how to… Continue Reading →

Searching for new freelance clients without going crazy

This is a great (quick) read from Freelancer’s Union. My favorite part is all about setting expectations for yourself. If… Continue Reading →

Why Freelancers Should Spend More Time on Social Media

I really resonated with the first point in this article. Take a look: FIND IDEAS ON SOCIAL. “But there’s so… Continue Reading →

How to Deal with Scope Creep

Have you ever dealt with a client that kept tacking on new tasks and features to their project? First they… Continue Reading →

The 5 Biggest Misconceptions Freelancers Have About Pitching

This may seem a bit unconventional, but my personal opinion has always been that your success as a freelance writer… Continue Reading →

55 Productivity Hacks for Designers

Want to save time on your design work? Yes! Great, then let’s dig in. This article is overflowing with time-saving tips… Continue Reading →

Portfolios 101: what you need to know to get started

What I love about this post is that they not only share how to build your portfolio, but also how… Continue Reading →

How to Create an Income Model for Your Solo Business That Actually Works

First of all, I love that Envato’s “Tuts” network got into business tutorials. It’s a brilliant idea. This is a… Continue Reading →

5 ways to cope with freelancer isolation

This is a great write-up from the folks at Freelancers Union. What lots of people don’t realize when they dream… Continue Reading →

5 simple steps to side-gigging without going crazy

A nice post from the Freelancer’s Union. Side-freelancing can be tough. It can mean extra night hours, daydreaming at your… Continue Reading →

The most powerful way to differentiate your creative business

I love this insight from Jake Jorgovan. So many of us think that when a client calls us for some… Continue Reading →

11 Ways I’ve Made Good Money as a Creative in the Last 8 Years

Below, I’ve shared the 11 ways that talented illustrator and entrepreneur Alex Mathers has made money as a creative person. But the… Continue Reading →

Got a side hustle? Here’s how to pay your taxes

This is one of the most helpful posts I’ve seen about how to pay taxes when you’re running a little… Continue Reading →

5 Creatives ways to “fire” your worst clients

My favorite way of “firing a client”? Strategy 2: New business model As a freelance writer, I used to take… Continue Reading →

Why creatives have more potential to get rich than non-creatives

This was a short but sweet post from my friend Jake Jorgovan. He explains the one thing that sets creatives… Continue Reading →

How to get way more freelance referrals

I loved this post from Brennan at Double Your Freelancing. So many freelancers get frustrated that they never get referrals. You read… Continue Reading →

Why delegating early will change your business forever

Admittedly, this article was written for entrepreneurs. But I believe all freelancers have to be entrepreneurs. Just because you prefer to… Continue Reading →

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